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How will you stop the freedom of the rodents in your home?

You bought my product because you know how much confidence you have in your peace and I want to support you and help you with a practical guide to this trap station.

You got the station inside you got the trap, the gloves and the white wire.

The mice have a sensitive mosquito, they feel the bait and the presence of a human person, and for this we will use the gloves and we will put under the rods the bait that can be from dried food, dried fruit, chocolate, peanut butter or poison.

We will activate the trap on the trap do not put the bait is not effective, but the trap will be put in that path that the mouse goes to the bait, the mice love to check everything and will be caught fast. We check the trap two days and if the mouse is not caught you will have to move the station to where you see traces or material damage.

The monster is through and we will only release him from the trap after he is dead, take the gloves and rinse the trap with hot water and reuse it. The white thread will be used when we have the product outdoors or we will introduce it into hard-to-reach places, it has a plastics glue that sticks to a clean surface and prevents the station from being moved by the dog or children. Be smarter than pests.

The GPTHOM team wants to help you.

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